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Oz Roots by Boq Aru

Ozish, the language of the Land of Oz

Oztology, the ontology of the Land of Oz

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Ozish Language

Ozish Addenda


Oztological Conclusions


The hypothesis is that there is an underlying rationale of Oz. That Oz at the supporting, conceptual level is an Irish Gaelic speaking fairy paradise, Tir na nOg, (pronounced tay nan oz) running on Chinese fairy metaphysics as interpreted by a Theosophist.

The Gaelic speaking portion of the hypothesis has been confirmed within reasonable likelyhood. A dictionary of Baum's usage of Ozish and supporting apparatus may be found at  Ozish Language.   

Names and phrases that are retro-translated into their aboriginal Ozish are to be found at Ozish Addenda

The Ontology portion of the hypothesis is complete and the suppositions may be found at Oztology

An evaluation of the likelyhood of the suppositions and explanation for the presence of Gaelic in Oz may be found at Oztological Conclusions

A collection of additional material that Baum would have probably known and that may or may not be relevant to an understanding of the Oz books. It is the rest of the material that I have in my notes on the Ebionites, alphabets and metaphysical sundries in no particular order in Oztological Addenda

The word lists are for the convenience of those who wish Ozzy sounding names for characters in Role Playing Games or in Stories. Word Lists

The books that might be found in a basic library of Magic in Oz, a bit modified to allow for the change of venue, are to be found in Witchcraft, the Secret Laws of Nature

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